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Frequently Asked Questions

Our clinic focuses on skin cancer and suspicious lesions. We also treat other growths such as cysts, lipomas and warts.

 A complete list of the conditions we treat is available here

Please note that we are not seeing rashes, psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema cases at this time.

We do not provide cosmetic services such as botox, fillers, laser treatments or acne treatments – if you feel this is what you need, please give us a call to clarify.

To see our dermatologists a referral is needed.

Dr. Kalisiak is currently accepting new patients. Please note that Dr. Gili has a closed practice and is no longer accepting new patients. 

Dr. Adam, our GP who subspecializes in dermatology, is available with or without a referral and is able to offer select rapid-access dermatology services every Wednesday.

No, we do not offer walk-in services. All appointments must be booked in advance through our reception desk. Please note that appointments are triaged accordingly and wait times may vary.

While most appointments are covered, some procedures such as cosmetic mole removal, skin tag removal, removal of seborrheic keratoses and total body photography are not insured by AHCIP. 

Treatment options and costs will be thoroughly discussed at your appointment before moving forward.

Initial consultations are free. 

Please bring your health card and a piece of government issued ID to your first appointment.

If possible, please print and complete our patient intake form in advance (only applicable to Dr. Kalisiak patients).

When you arrive for your appointment, please remember your license plate number so we can register you for free parking at our front desk. Please note that parking is limited so please try so arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment.

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